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May 23, 2016 
The Best of City and Regional Magazines


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Sonoma Magazine, D Magazine and Washingtonian won the coveted general excellence awards in their circulation categories in the 31st Annual National City and Regional Magazine Awards competition announced Monday, May 23, 2016 at CRMA’s 40th Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado.

Texas Monthly swept this year’s awards, claiming eight prizes. Portland Monthly, 5280 (Denver) and Los Angeles Magazine each scored three awards. Sonoma Magazine, Boston Magazine, D Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine secured two awards each. Nine other magazines —Washingtonian, Yankee Magazine, Louisville Magazine, Honolulu Magazine, St. Louis Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly, Chicago Magazine, Cincinnati Magazine and Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine — won single awards.

Texas Monthly took top honors in five writing categories, including Excellence in Writing for its September issue. Stephen Harrigan won the Column Writing category for his wry, Texan perspective, while Francesca Mari won the Feature Writing category for circulations greater than 60,000 with the gripping tale of a young woman buried alive by a housemate. The magazine’s Sarah Hepola won the Essays, Commentary and Criticism category for “The Alcohol Blackout,” a solidly reported dive into the topics of rape, sex, alcohol and gender dynamics. And Sonia Smith clenched the Reporting win by crossing the globe to follow the trail of a kidnapped journalist. Texas Monthly also won three design categories: Designer of the Year awarded to Emily Kimbro, as well as Excellence in Design and Feature Design for circulations greater than 60,000.

Los Angeles Magazine won in the categories of Cover Excellence and Spread Design for circulations greater than 60,000, as well as Food or Dining Feature Package for a smart, mouth-watering package about tacos. Portland Monthly also took home three awards, with wins in the categories of Photography, Home/Shelter for its 201 Design Annual, and Profiles for circulations less than 60,000. 5280 (Denver) won the Profiles category for larger circulations for Chris Outcalt’s tender story of a noted writer in his last months. 5280 also took the top prizes for Leisure/Lifestyle and Civic Journalism – winning the latter with Natasha Gardner’s investigation into distrust between police and civilians.

Writer of the Year went to Boston Magazine’s Chris Sweeney for his deft stories focusing on complex, fascinating characters. Boston Magazine’s Chinese Language Edition won the Ancillary General Interest category. Philadelphia Magazine had a strong showing in digital categories, with awards for Excellence Online and Online Column, the latter for Joel Mathis’ News + Opinion blog, an up-close, straight-talk take on the issues. In addition to Sonoma Magazine’s General Excellence prize, it won Feature Story for circulations less than 60,000 with Phil Barber’s compelling, mountain-climbing tale, “Up Against the Wall.” And in addition to D Magazine’s General Excellence award, it won Multiplatform Storytelling with a sweeping view of Dallas real estate trends.

In Food or Dining Writing, Yankee Magazine’s Amy Traverso scored with her restaurant stories full of larger-than-life characters. The Special Issue award went to Louisville Magazine with its tribute to the Kentucky Derby. Honolulu Magazine’s “Sour Poi Awards” took home the win for Spread Design for circulations less than 60,000. St. Louis Magazine won Feature Design for circulations less than 60,000 for its simple, visually entertaining feature about fashion trendsetters. Indianapolis Monthly won Magazine Section with well-packaged editorial for its front of the book section, “Circle City.” Chicago Magazine took Reader Service for “The Savvy Traveler’s Guide to Chicago Airports.” Cincinnati Magazine won the Weddings category, and MPLS. St. Paul Magazine won E-Newsletter.

More than 100 judges selected the finalists. They included representatives from publications such as AARP the Magazine, Advertising Age, Better Homes and Gardens, Cosmo, Country Gardens, Diabetic Living, Eater, ELLE, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN The Magazine, Esquire, Every Day with Rachel Ray, Fast Company, Food Network Magazine, GQ Germany, Harvard Business Review, Houston Press, Inc., Marie Claire, Midwest Living, Missouri Life, Modern Farmer, National Geographic, O, The Oprah Magazine, OUT, Popular Mechanics, Rolling Stone, Runner’s World, Scientific American, Southern Living, Successful Farming, Village Voice Media and the Washington Post, as well as journalism professors from the Missouri School of Journalism.

The competition is open to members of CRMA and other city and regional magazines throughout North America that qualify. The contest is a 31-year-old national competition and has been coordinated by the University of Missouri, School of Journalism on behalf of CRMA for 20 years.

For more information, contact Contest Coordinator, Kimberly Townlain, University of Missouri, 320 Lee Hills Hall, Columbia, MO 65211 (573-884-1869) or CRMA Executive Director C. James Dowden, 2512 Artesia Blvd, Ste. 200, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 (310-379-8261).

The 2016 nominees and winners (• listed first in bold) include:

General Excellence 1

• Sonoma Magazine
417 Magazine
Louisville Magazine
Madison Magazine
Memphis Magazine

General Excellence 2

• D Magazine
Cincinnati Magazine
Indianapolis Monthly
Portland Monthly
Seattle Met

General Excellence 3

• Washingtonian
Boston Magazine
Los Angeles Magazine
Philadelphia Magazine
Texas Monthly


• Texas Monthly 

Sarah Hepola
"The Alcohol Blackout”

Boston Magazine  Rachel Slade
“Why Is Boston So Ugly” 
Chicago Magazine Ron Rapoport
“The Last Years of Ernie Banks"
Philadelphia Magazine Malcom Burnley
“My Wild, Chaotic, Complex, Crazy, Ambiguous Biracial Hair”
Philadelphia Magazine Robert Huber
“The Fall”

Feature Story, Circulation Less Than 60,000

• Sonoma Magazine Phil Barber
“Up Against the Wall”

Cleveland Magazine James Bigley II
“My Name Is Julie”
Rhode Island Monthly Casey Nilsson
“The Tyranny of Low Expectations”
St. Louis Magazine Jeannette Cooperman
“The Last Lemp”
St. Louis Magazine Jeannette Cooperman
“Last Wish”

Feature Story, Circulation More Than 60,000

• Texas Monthly Francesca Mari
“The Talented Mr. Khater"

Boston Magazine Michele McPhee
“The Monster Next Door”
Philadelphia Magazine Liz Spikol
“What Would You Do If You Found a Bag of Human Ashes?” 
Seattle Met Matthew Halverson
“Thicker Than Water”
Texas Monthly

Michael Hall
"The Outcast"

Profile, Circulation LessThan 60,000

• Portland Monthly Ryan White
“The Ballad of Pete Krebs”

Cleveland Magazine James Bigley II
“For Tamir”
Milwaukee Magazine Howie Magner
“The Long Walk Home”
Milwaukee Magazine Claire Hanan
“In a Flash”
Sactown Magazine

Anita Chabria
“What’s Her Excuse?”

Profile, Circulation More Than 60,000

• 5280 (Denver) Chris Outcalt
“The Precious Ordinary”

Atlanta Magazine Joe Kovac Jr.
Boston Magazine Ryan Hamilton Walsh
“Astral Sojourn”
Boston Magazine Chris Sweeney
“The Police Chief is a Junkie's New Best Friend”
Seattle Met Allecia Vermillion
“The Brief, Extraordinary Life of Cody Spafford”


• Texas Monthly Stephen Harrigan
“That Sinking Feeling”
“Let’s Go Dig Up Dom”
“John Wayne, Texan?”

Cincinnati Magazine Bob Woodiwiss
“The Path of Wrongousness”
“Aisle-land Sketchbook”
“Running Commentary”
D Magazine Eric Celeste
“The Most Powerful Nobody in Town”
“Remote Control”
Philadelphia Magazine Patrick Kerkstra
“And They’re Off”
“Wanna Buy a Mayor?”
“Council, Rising”
Yankee Magazine

Ben Hewitt
“A Hard Winter”
“Stick Season”
“When Everything Seems New Again”


• Texas Monthly Sonia Smith
“The Road to Damascus”

Cleveland Magazine Erick Trickey
“Shots Fired”
Philadelphia Magazine David Gambacorta
“Ramsey’s War”
Texas Monthly Katy Vine
“Cops and Robbers”
Washingtonian Luke Mullins
“Metro: Where Do We Go From Here?”

Food or Dining Writing

• Yankee Magazine Amy Traverso
“Olneyville New York System”
“Bob’s Clam Hut”
“Kimball Farm”

Chicago Magazine Jeff Ruby
“Into the Woods”
“10 Years a Rave”
“Sinner & Winner”
MPLS. St. Paul Magazine Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
“Diners, Dogs and Distinction”
“Hot Pot Roast”
“Naked, Hot Italian”
Philadelphia Magazine Jason Sheehan
“Chop Suey and Cheese Curds”
“I Love the ‘80s”
“Tuesday Burgers, Korean Tacos and Candy-Fried Wings”
Seattle Met Allecia Vermillion
“Dick Cantwell’s Beer is Immortal”
“Grain Man”
“Small World”

Excellence in Writing

• Texas Monthly September
Chicago Magazine November
D Magazine November
Los Angeles Magazine October
Washingtonian January

Excellence in Design

• Texas Monthly June
Atlanta Magazine June
Cincinnati Magazine April
Houstonia Magazine August
Los Angeles Magazine November


• Portland Monthly “Cabin Fever”
5280 (Denver) “The Contradictions of Colfax”
Chicago Magazine “The Unconventionals”
Houstonia Magazine “Piety’s Fringes”
Texas Monthly “Land Lords”

Spread Design, Circulation Less Than 60,000

• Honolulu Magazine “Sour Poi Awards”
Austin Monthly “Happiness in a Cup”
Honolulu Magazine “Always on Track”
St. Louis Magazine “All the King’s Men”
St. Louis Magazine “Crash Course”

Spread Design, Circulation More Than 60,000

• Los Angeles Magazine “Paul Thomas Anderson & the Cinema of Outcasts”
Boston Magazine “The Monster Next Door”
Los Angeles Magazine “The Biggest Arms in the World”
Philadelphia Magazine “The Death of the Critic”
Texas Monthly “Rocky Road”

Cover Excellence

• Los Angeles Magazine January, May, October
Atlanta Magazine January, August, November
Cincinnati Magazine January, August, November
Milwaukee Magazine March, June, October
Texas Monthly June, August, December

Feature Design, Circulation Less Than 60,000

• St. Louis Magazine “Best Dressed List”
Austin Monthly “Best of the City”
Portland Monthly “Data City”
Portland Monthly “Sugar High”
St. Louis Magazine “Get Outside”

Feature Design, Circulation More Than 60,000

• Texas Monthly “Our Dignity, Our Destiny”
Atlanta Magazine “Ponce City Market Handbook”
Cincinnati Magazine “Where to Eat Now”
MPLS. St. Paul Magazine “Greatus Minnesotacus Stuff-Your-Face-Icus”
Washingtonian “Metro: Where Do We Go From Here?”

Magazine Section

• Indianapolis Monthly “Circle City”
Atlanta Magazine “The Connector”
Chicago Magazine “Culture”
Honolulu Magazine “Calabash Section”
Portland Monthly “Mudroom”

Reader Service

• Chicago Magazine “The Savvy Traveler’s Guide to Chicago Airports”
MPLS. St. Paul Magazine “Best of the Year North Edition 2015”
Philadelphia Magazine “Deliver Me”
Seattle Met “I’m New Here: A User’s Guide to the Emerald City”
Texas Monthly “Welcome to Texas”

Leisure/Lifestyle Interests

• 5280 (Denver) “Hooked”
5280 (Denver) “Backyard Bounty”
Atlanta Magazine “Hidden Atlanta”
Los Angeles Magazine “Hello K-Town!”
Los Angeles Magazine “Camp Cali”

Food or Dining Feature Package

• Los Angeles Magazine “Taco City: Our Spit-Roasted, Deep-Fried, Tortilla-Wrapped, Salsa-Topped, Handheld Guide to L.A.’s Dish Numero Uno”
Baltimore Magazine “Seafood Spectacular”
Chicago Magazine “The Best Bars in Chicago”
Honolulu Magazine “All Hail the General”
Texas Monthly “The 120 Tacos You Must Eat Before You Die”

Civic Journalism

• 5280 (Denver) Natasha Gardner
“Behind the Badge”

Atlanta Magazine Rebecca Burns
“Held to Account”
Los Angeles Magazine Judith Lewis Mernit
“The Dry Years to Come”
St.Louis Magazine Jeannette Cooperman, Rosalind Early, Brian Heffernan, Jarrett Medlin, William Powell, Alvin Reid, Stefene Russell, Lindsay Toler, Timoshanae Wellmaker, Tim Woodcock, DJ Wilson, and Madeline Yochum
“Ferguson, A Year Later”
Texas Monthly Jessica Luther & Dan Solomon
“Silence at Baylor”

Special Issue

• Louisville Magazine “141 Derby Experts”
Cincinnati Magazine “The Education Issue”
Los Angeles Magazine “L.A. Stories”
Portland Monthly “The Food Issue”
Yankee Magazine “The 80th Anniversary Issue”

Ancillary: Home/Shelter 

• Portland Monthly 201 Design Annual
5280 (Denver) 5280 Home
Atlanta Magazine Home
Boston Magazine Boston Home
D Magazine D Home

Ancillary: Weddings

• Cincinnati Magazine Cincinnati Wedding
Baltimore Magazine Baltimore Bride
Boston Magazine Boston Weddings
Portland Monthly Portland Bride & Groom
Seattle Met Seattle Met Bride & Groom

Ancillary: General Interest

• Boston Magazine Chinese Language Edition
5280 (Denver) 5280 Health
D Magazine D CEO (January/February)
Portland Monthly Health Annual
Westchester Magazine 914INC (Q2)

Excellence Online

• Philadelphia Magazine
Atlanta Magazine
Baltimore Magazine
Chicago Magazine
Texas Monthly

Online Column

• Philadelphia Magazine JoeMathis
News & Opinion
Memphis Magazine Vance Lauderdale
"Ask Vance"
Pittsburgh Magazine Virginia Montanez
Seattle Met Allecia Vermillion
"Nosh Pit"
St. Louis Magazine Ray Hartmann
“Think Again,”


• MPLS. St. Paul Magazine The Feed
5280 (Denver) Dwell
Chicago Magazine Dish
MPLS. St. Paul Magazine JuiceBox
Philadelphia Magazine Morning Edition

Multiplatform Storytelling

• D Magazine The Dallas Real Estate Boom/Neighborhood Guides
Baltimore Magazine Seafood Spectacular
Chicago Magazine Heat Wave
D Magazine Burgertown, U.S.A.
Madison Magazine Madison Rocks! And Grooves Swings, and JamsMorning Edition

Writer of the Year

• Boston Magazine Chris Sweeney
Chicago Magazine Bryan Smith
Philadelphia Magazine Steve Volk
St. Louis Magazine Jeannette Cooperman
Washingtonian Luke Mullins

Designer of the Year

• Texas Monthly Emily Kimbro
5280 (Denver) David McKenna
Chicago Magazine Jacqueline Cantu
Cincinnati Magazine Grace Saunders
St. Louis Magazine Tom White