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Madison Magazine

Mike Kornemann
Map7025 Raymond Road
Madison, WI 53719


Madison Magazine is a monthly lifestyle and business publication. We are a locally owned periodical with resources for readers to use in their daily lives. The magazine concentrates on what makes Madison the unique and charming city it is: dining, events, people, politics, travel and the outdoors, arts and culture, health and fitness and more. Madison Magazine features a business section each month, highlighting innovative, interesting people, issues and ideas. An award-winning magazine with a strong emphasis on service journalism, Madison Magazine covers everything from dining and entertainment to local celebrities, to rating the suburbs & Top Docs and all our city has to offer.

Additional Information:

Primary Contact: Publisher: Mike Kornemann
Primary Phone: 608-270-3611
Contact 2: Event Director: Rachel Tatge
Phone 2: 608-270-3632
Contact 3: Editorial Manager - Andrea Behling
Phone 3: 608-270-3625
Contact 4: Editor: Karen Lincoln Michel
Phone 4: 608-270-3627
Contact 5: Circulation Director: Cindy Morris
Phone 5: 608-270-3623
Contact 6: Office Manager - Cindy Morris
Phone 6: 608-270-3623
Parent Company: Madison Magazine, Inc.
Ads - Local - Color: $4,070
Ads - National - Color: $4,070
Ads - Local - BW: n/a
Ads - National - BW: n/a
Median Age: 48
Average Household Income: $90,920
Frequency: Monthly
Audit: CVC
Subscription Price: $19.95
Cover Price: $4.95
Circulation: 15697
Designated Market Area: Madison WI