Driving Sales Performance

Optional Sales Workshop

Saturday, May 21 * 1-5pm

(Additional fee for workshop - registration required)

Driving Sales Performance:  Peter Svenneby will lead us in this fast-paced, interactive workshop for Advertising Managers and Sales Reps.  This isn’t sales training… instead it is a facilitated work session focused on key things you can do immediately to increase new business revenue, improve revenue predictability, and improve month to month revenue consistency.  The session will be equally valuable to managers and individual contributors.  Everyone will leave with tools and a plan in hand to make 2016 your best year ever! 

Peter Svenneby Bio:

Peter Svenneby is a speaker, consultant, coach and trainer whose passion is helping people master sales. His approach is hands on, practical, and systematic.  His talks combine science and art –psychology, brain technology, change science and strategy along with the art of conversational finesse.  His goal is to provide every participant with ideas and approaches that they can put into action right away… on their very next sales interaction.  

Peter received his degree in Engineering from the University of California, Irvine.  His career started in software engineering roles, then moved through marketing, sales and sales management before he founded Syntuity in 1998.  Syntuity works globally with companies of all sizes to improve sales. Peter still makes cold calls and sells every day… “It’s the only way to stay sharp and to have any credibility with my clients!”.  He’s been working in print media since the 1990’s – vicariously through his wife who is a print and radio media salesperson and directly with customers including SourceMedia, WiesnerMedia and 5280 Magazine.