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Gary Johnson Presented Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations Mpls.St.Paul Magazine President, Gary Johnson, for receiving the CRMA Lifetime Achievement Award on Monday, May 23, 2016.
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The 10 Secrets to Buying a Publishing CRM

From The Magazine Manager
Learn the 10 secrets that will help you find the right-fit CRM vendor. If you are currently maintaining (or previously maintained) disconnected, separate software systems, you can probably appreciate why all-inclusive publishing solutions have grown in popularity.

Learn How Publishers Are Driving Revenue in the Digital Age

From HubSpot
To learn more about how publishers are driving revenue for their companies now, and how they plan to in the future, HubSpot surveyed hundreds of industry professionals.

Five Steps for an Effective RFP Process

An effective RFP process results in you selecting the right vendor to meet your business needs. However, from considering who should bid, to preparing to write the RFP, and managing the comparisons, there are several tips and best practices that will help you find that right-fit vendor.
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February 2017 Member Newsletter

The February newsletter includes important reminders about nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award and the new Financial Standards Survey, plus a warm welcome to three new CRMA members and a big congratulations to CRMA pubs named as Ellie Awards finalists.

January 2017 Member Newsletter

The January newsletter welcomes in the new year with association updates, final reminders about the upcoming Round Table in Florida, and details about two new associate members. Plus, info about how to nominate your top notch female staff (or peers!) for the Folio: Top Women in Media awards.

December 2016 Member Newsletter

The December newsletter includes new details about the upcoming Winter Publishers' Round Table, plus money-making advice and exciting news about the coming year's membership dues.
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